One Stop Parts Source Program

The One Stop Parts Source Jobber Program is a comprehensive partnership program for the independent auto parts store owner, as well as for their service center customers. Offering the Independent Store Owner and its customers business solutions while keeping the integrity of the Independent Store Owner.

The One Stop Parts Source Jobber Program will offer the following:

  • Branding Support consisting of logo usage, One Stop Parts Source Merchandise and Supplies, a signage replacement program and interior graphical support when needed.  
  • Advertising Program support by providing One Stop Parts Source Branded Retail Posters, Membership promotions to participate as a jobber customer as well as pass on to the service center customer, and a COOP allowance of 1% of sales up to $1,500 a year to be reimbursed for expenses paid on advertising their business along with the One Stop Parts Source branding.
  • Technology Tools to help the jobber’s business model.
  • The One Stop Parts Source Service Center Program.

The One Stop Parts Source Service Center Program will offer the following:

  • A 2 Level Entry Point – 12 month/12,000 mile and a 24 month/24,000-mile Warranty Plan.
  • A Nationwide Warranty Program that covers the installers customer, honored at over 35,000 shops nationwide.
  • A Road Side Assistance Program which includes towing, jump starts, lock assistance and flat tire changing assistance.
  • Rebates from participating vendor partners.
  • Labor Assurance at a $75 hour rate. File claims through the One Stop claim portal. Claims will be paid as a credit on the account. 
  • ASE Testing reimbursement for all full-time shop employees.
  • Discounted programs with many of the nationwide service center providers including Cintas, Synchrony, Identifix and many more.
  • The availability of attending technical training both in person an online.
  • One Stop Branded service supplies.

The One Stop Parts Source program will provide the Independent Store Owner all the services they need to enhance their business.  The One Stop Parts Source Jobber will become an integral business partner with Factory Motor Parts and will work hand in hand to ensure mutual success.

If you have further questions about our new One Stop Parts Source jobber program, please contact your local FMP Representative or contact Mary Olson at For more information on Factory Motor Parts, please go to