Fleet Supply Chain Solutions

Factory Motor Parts (FMP) Fleet Supply Chain Solutions provides manufacturer representation, training resources, and strategic sourcing solutions to:

How it works

FMP’s Fleet Supply Chain Solutions offers customizable contracts for any business. Our trained and certified personnel represent you on-site and place online orders, so you can continue operating your business or fixing vehicles without running for parts. FMP personnel reconcile all paperwork, replenish all inventory, and pay all suppliers, giving you one invoice with backup for all parts transactions and warehouse expenses.

Why you should turn to us for your supply solutions:
  • Inventory management services at a lower overall cost
  • Technological resources, advanced systems, and fleet management integration
  • Industry expertise, human resources solutions, and controllable costs
  • Decreased management time spent on parts inventory issues
  • Enhanced technician productivity & facility efficiency
  • Inventory, administrative, transaction, acquisition, and overhead cost savings
    • Carrying & handling costs
    • Immediate credit for returns
    • Obsolescence protection

Factory Motor Parts can supply all fleet equipment with quality parts from our established relationships with over 1,000 OEM and specialty providers. We offer more than 20 years of fleet experience and $7.5 million in local product inventory.

Contact us to learn how we can provide parts and services for your fleet operation.

Fleet Supply Chain